Supreme Sounds DJ at Alive & V-Dubbin 2014

Here at Supreme Sounds we are very excited to announce that Richard will be DJing at this years Alive & V-Dubbin festival at Jimmy’s Farm in June.

Since 2009 a dedicated team of members of the Suffolk Bugrs VW Club have organised the Alive & V-Dubbin show at Jimmy’s Farm in Suffolk. The show is a 3 day event (Friday, Saturday & Sunday) with a range of displays, entertainment & local music from bands & DJ’s. This year Friday night will be UV Night and they have asked Richard here at Supreme Sounds to provide the music & DJ this event.

More details on Alive & V-Dubbin 2014

IPlease click on the banner below to visit the official Alive & V-Dubbin website for more information…..

Alive V Dubbin 2014